Saturday, January 16, 2010

My "Craft" List

My list of things to do craftywise is a little long...

  • Felt heart wreath January 20
  • Fabric key chains
  • Diaper Bag (John Deere)
  • Diaper wipes case (polka dot)
  • Ainsley's adorable pink, zebra, and Minky dot quilt
  • Cute brown and teal baby quilt with Minky dot too of course
  • Finish covering kitchen chairs January 17
  • Pot holder and oven mitt for Sarah
  • Kitchen towels-maybe
I have started on the heart wreath....soo cute... I will have pictures to follow soon. I took the ideas from two blogs and made my own version. One came from the Idea Room. The other from Blog n' Tell. But you will have to wait until I am done to see the final product.

Onto other news...I was nominated for a blog award by my bff Sarah. Now I have to think of 5 women that are Simply Fabulous. That won't be hard. But I also have to write about one women that "Rocks." Who to choose....hmm. Well, I haven't decided yet but that post will be soon to come.

I am thinking about making a tutorial about the diaper bag that I make to accompany the McCalls pattern but we will see.

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