Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Patiently Waiting...

I have about 5 posts ready to write with this small little thing holding me up....

and right now we are waiting for it to make its way to my front porch.

You see, without having this little camera, I am unable to take pictures and make pretty blog posts!

What posts do I have coming? Well...

  1. Finished Nursery pictures
  2. Adorable embellished burp cloths
  3. Prego brain has made my brain go mushy...
  4. Apple butter tutorial as Christmas gift
  5. Cute Diaper clutch
In the meantime, I will be enjoying the week off of work. Enjoying my Aunt G that made the long trip from California (and almost gave my grandma a heart attach when she saw her drive up-SURPRISE!)! 
Since Miss Jorja is due in 51 days (but who knows how soon she could arrive), I am determined to get as much of my Christmas projects done and shopping completed as soon as possible. Yesterday, I was able to get my nephews crossed off my list. I know what I am doing for my nieces. They just require a Wal-Mart trip which we know isn't happening for a while! 

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving week! We have so much to be grateful for! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Makeover Giveaway

So, if you look at my actual blog instead of using Google Reader or iGoogle, you may notice that my blog keeps changing clothes. Well, backgrounds/templates. When I saw that Miranda over at Little Sailor Designs was doing  a giveaway, I just had to enter.

You see, I don't like things to stay the same for very long. Whether its the stuff on my kitchen counter, my furniture, or my blog design, I just don't like it to always stay the same. Then you get into changing the backgrounds or begging the hubby to move just one more piece of furniture. At times, neither the template or the hubby wants to cooperate. So, having someone else do the designing is OK with me!!

This is how awesome Miranda is, she just makes you post about the giveaway and then comment with the link to your post. So, wish me luck and go enter for yourself! She does a fantastic job!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Dad,

For those of you who don't know, my dad passed away two years ago (11/14/08). I was in the middle of teaching my first semester. He passed away from congestive hear failure. He was only 56 years old. This year it didn't hit me until today. If you have dealt with grief, you understand what that means. I had a dream about him last night which didn't help. So, as my way of coping today, I am going to write him a letter and get it off my chest. I realize this post has nothing to do with craftiness, mommy stories, or cooking but it is for me.

Dear Daddy,
It really sucks! I am 8 months pregnant with my daughter and you aren't here to experience any of it. I thought it would be ok, I thought "Dad wasn't the grandpa type." Well, that is fine and dandy until you have a dream about your dad helping you put a bassinet together for his grand-daughter and see how excited he was. You don't think about it until you think about how this little girl will never know but one grandpa. Who is great, but still, just one. Dad, its not fair! I want you here to give me a hard time. I want you here to pick on me. I want you here so I can call you and tell you all about what is going on so you can tell your dad so he knows because he can't here me on the phone.
Even though you would be 3000 miles away, you could still be a part of Jorja's life. You would still be there to tell me the funny stories about how I hit you with my glass bottle and you told everyone at the office that mom was the one who gave you the black eye.
I know you think it was ok to leave because you knew I married a man who would carry on in your pestering, annoying, funny way. And even though he is filling those those shoes with no problem, he still isn't you. He has too much of Grandpa's sensibleness in him. On most days I appreciate that, but when I am missing you, it doesn't help.
I want to see your face light up when you see Jorja for the first time. I want you to be able to hold her and talk to her. I want you to tell her funny and embarrassing stories about her mommy.
I want to be able to whine to you about how swollen my feet are and how much my back hurts all the while you give me a hard time about it.
I don't know why this couldn't have hit me over the weekend or even Monday. Especially when Eric took me for a ride in the truck. The truck that Grandpa bought brand new, gave to you, that you gave to us. The truck that my husband has worked his heart out on. The truck that you won't get to see restored. The truck that will never mean as much to anyone as it does to me. The truck that my kids won't think much of because they won't get it.
I miss you dad!

I am frustrated and sad and lonely today. I am mad that it is bugging me this much. I am able to be ok at the end of this because I know this was God's plan. I don't even come close to understanding the why of it but I know that God is here with me. He is holding me up when I could just crawl in a ball and give up for a while today. He is reminding me how much he loves me and he is My ABBA Father!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Updated To Do List... again!

We have made it to 59 days and my completed list has grown compared to my last update
  • Sew pink and denim quilt- Completed 10/17/10
  • Sew crib sheet using this tutorial- Completed 8/10/10
  • Sew crib bumper pad-Still working on this- I have one of the six pieces sewn.
  • Sew crib quilt using my own pattern- Completed 9/5/10
  • Sew crib bed skirt using this tutorial- well, with the help of... Completed 8/11/10
  • Sew changing pad cover using this tutorial-Already received several so not making any
  • Make foam cubes- Not gonna happen! 
  • Register at Babies R Us and Blessed Baby- Completed
  • Clean out nursery closet- Completed 8/7/10
  • Rearrange my room to move treadmill out of nursery - Completed courtesy of my awesome sister. See this post!
  • Get changing table from my sister- Completed
  • Wash extra car seat base- Completed Thanks to Mr. M
  • Figure out how to get odd odor out of the wardrobe- Aired it out, seems to be ok now.
  • Get sister's hand me down clothes once we know gender Completed
  • Make "It's A...." record sheet really liking this idea- Completed 
  • Make room in kitchen for bottles, etc- Completed
  •  Have SIL make "Every good and perfect gift comes from above" vinyl into a wall plaque- Completed 10/24 
  • Have a place for kid books- Bookshelves are made and painted, ready to be hung up. 10/18-24 Hung up 10/25/10. See this post. 
  • Hang shelves, pictures, etc in nursery- Corner shelves hung 10-24. Everything else 10/25/10. See this post.
  • Make thank you cards to match the Peter Rabbit theme- Completed
  •  Decide on what to put in picture frames (family pix, quote, scripture, etc). Made a bow holder and leaving the other for a picture- Completed
  • Rehang painted closet door (a Mr. M project)- Completed
  • Move hubby's clothes to my closet- Completed 11/?/10
  • Organize baby stuff after baby shower (shower Nov. 6)- Completed 11/6-7/10 
  • Finish decorating nursery- Mostly completed, it's just upkeep now. 
  • Make some burp rags- Going to make them with Beatrix Potter characters on them (love my embroidery machine)!- Did some super cute ones with ribbon, embroidery and applique but no Peter Rabbit...still adorable! 
  • Write a bazillion thank you notes   Completed! 
  • Take breast feeding class- took a class at Blessed Baby! Got a coupon for $20 off a Medela pump, a $5 gift card to the store, a binkie, and some great tips. So, I got my Medela pump that night too!!
  • Buy a rocking chair for nursery- Got an awesome deal on the rocker-recliner from Ashley furniture. I am loving it. It is "me sized" as my husband would say! What do you think? Do you like it??

Still to do: 
  • Make a few wet bags for those messy times. 
  • Make diaper/wipes clutch
I am stuck on this one but won't pay $25 for it :(

  • Move kids books from living room to nursery
  • Wash all baby clothes- started by washing bedding last night...
  • Re-read Babywise
  • Read Birthwise
  • Read breast feeding book- Started 10/24
  • Create nursing corner with basket of necessities
  • Pack and repack hospital bag
  • Bake muffins, pancakes, and other frozen goods for baby arrival (thanks Laptop to Lullabies)
  • Choose pediatrician
  • Fix window in nursery (a Mr. M project)
  • Send Sarah scrapbook stuff (Gender party papers/card, more ultrasound pictures, etc)
  • Take Oli to the groomer close to the due date so he will be handsome when his little sister comes home ;)
I am sure there are more things I should add. Experienced moms, please add to my list....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beatrix Potter Baby Shower for Jorja

Yesterday was our Baby Shower for Baby Jorja!!
Isn't the diaper wreath adorable?? My sister made it!
We had the Peter Rabbit Theme.
With an adorable cake and yummy candy bar.
Yummy punch and snacks...
enjoyed by all.
Hosted by my amazing sister and sister-in-law!
I needed some helpers to unwrap gifts...
for baby girl.
Some adorable things...
Some soft things...
Some things Daddy picked out...
Some useful things...
and some memorable things!
We are verrrrrry blessed!
And can't wait for Jorja to arrive!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 30 Update and Ultrasound Picture

Let me brag a little about the new ultrasound machines! They are amazing. To see my sweet little girl this clear is amazing. The actual picture is much better but this was a picture of the picture. My scanner wouldn't work to scan it. Sooo...
This is baby Jorja Lee!!

(I debated about putting her actual name on her but I know there will be some embroidered stuff that will have her name on it, so oh well.)

This was at my 30 week appointment. She measured 3 pounds and 1 ounce. It was so cute to see her and her little lips move. Her Daddy was very excited (but don't' tell him I told you)!

Both Grandma's and my sister were there and they really enjoyed it. My MIL was saying how it makes you impatient for the next 10 weeks to go by so we can hold her. I agree, almost. I have some more work to get done first!

So, this Saturday is my Baby Shower!!

Isn't this invite too cute. I love Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter!!

My awesome sister and sister-in-law are going to do a book raffle! I am so excited about this. They sent out a card that says to bring any kinda of book instead of a card to be entered in a raffle. The prize will be one for the actual lady that wins, not one that goes back to the mom. I love that it can be a baby book, a mommy book, or any other book. If you can't tell by now, I LOVE BOOKS!!

I will have pictures to share after this weekend.

Sadly, my camera died (it will NOT turn on or anything) and I am looking for another one. We are just a little busy this week though but hopefully soon!
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