Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beatrix Potter Nursery Progress

Two summers ago, I fell in love with Beatrix Potter fabric at my local quilt store. I bought the kit to make a quilt. Mr. M and I decided Beatrix Potter/ Peter Rabbit would be great for a nursery because we could reuse the bedding for a boy or girl. I realize this nursery is not entirely Beatrix Potter but it has been customized to our little girl. More of the personal details will come out when the room is completely done.

I was very excited to get a lot done on the nursery last night!! My SIL and hubby worked their tails off for me. I was more of an assistant.
Keep in mind that this is NOT the finished product. We still have a lot of little things to do but I couldn't help but show you how far we have come!!
This is the crib wall with the Beatrix Potter prints. I love how the brown ribbon just makes it richer. It also ties in with my changing table. Both of these boxes will disappear soon!
Here is a closer picture of the prints. Notice the HUGE monkey? I won him this weekend at our local "Gerber Mom to Be Day." I also won a Pack N' Play that was full of Gerber goodies (food, onesies, receiving blanket, sippy cups, binkies, etc). It was all monkey themed!
This is prolly one of my favorite things in the room. My Aunt G gave me one of these dolls every year for my birthday until I moved away and she couldn't find them anymore. I love that they go with the other stuff in the room!
Here is a picture of the book wall and the changing table wall. I can't believe how much I love the book wall. It far exceeds my expectations. Mr. M cut out the wood and put it together, I sanded and painted it. Ok, he helped with painting it too. Gotta love it.
My rocking chair will also sit in this corner so some of the book was will be covered. 
 These books are either mine from my childhood or hand me downs from my SIL. Part of the baby shower is a Book Raffle. Each person has the option of bringing ANY book for me or baby instead of a card. They are then entered into a raffle for a prize for them, not one that they would give back to me, like diapers, but an actual girly prize! Needless to say, I will get some more books but that will be perfect because this momma likes to read and I plan to pass that on to Baby!!
Here is a close up of the decoration above the changing table. I was laughing with Mr. M had to go get longer screws to hang the shelf "because it wasn't falling on his baby." There was some mention of doing lag bolts instead but he came to his senses :) 
Notice the pink Sock Monkey? Mr. M had a sock monkey when he was little and he decided Baby M must have one too! So, after looking all over the internet, I finally found one at Cracker Barrel of all places!
 This is the frame that my SIL painted!! Mr. M liked the sign that said "My prince did come...His name is Daddy" where we registered. But, the colors didn't go and it had glitter on it. I'm not a huge glitter fan. So, We got this picture from for $3 at Hobby Lobby and she worked her magic!
 This wardrobe is very special to me! It was my dad's when he was a baby and then they used it for me. When my dad passed away, this was one thing that made the trek back from California to be mine. I spent A LOT of time stripping it, sanding it, and trying to stain it, but ultimately painted it white. It was the beginning of the white in the nursery.
The basket of loot on the top of the wardrobe was from the Mom to Be day. 
The wall hanging is another masterpiece of my SIL's. She cut out a piece of foam board and matched the scallops on the wardrobe. She painted it and then put my vinyl lettering on it. I got the vinyl on clearance in Michael's for $7 over a year ago. It says "Every good and perfect gift comes from above." I couldn't agree more! 
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  1. wow! you've gotten a lot done so far! I LOVE the book shelves and the book raffle idea for a baby shower. thanks for visiting luckystarlane :)


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