Monday, October 11, 2010

Whiny Post

Does anyone else feel guilty for whining? You see, it took my husband and I eight months to conceive this little miracle. It was not by our own doing. God decides when the timing is best and I thank him for that. That is what we prayed for: HIS will and HIS timing. He loves me and knows what is best for me. So, when I have a crappy night/day while I am pregnant, I feel guilty for whining.
For instance, last night I was in bed by 9:30pm and woke up every 2 hours afterwords because my heartburn was SOO bad. I would go to the bathroom and take some tums. By 4 am, I was worried about the max you could have in a day so I switched to chugging milk. Part of my issue is that my dinner didn't settle real well from the night before either. So, this morning, I am sooo tired, I could fall asleep sitting up. My stomach still hasn't settled itself. I did take my last zantac this morning (didn't think to take it last night). I have been somewhat nauseous :(
Today, after school I am helping my mom and sister babysit my niece and nephew. I sure hope I feel better by then.
Here's hoping I don't fall asleep in a class full of kids....

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