Thursday, October 7, 2010

the craft bug has bitten...

The craft bug has bitten my little sister! She has never been one to "craft." She actually usually makes fun of me for always making stuff. She always buys stuff. Well, she now has a little girl and she can't resist some of cute stuff out there. Especially pillowcase dresses. So, she decided to drag me (kicking and screaming- NOT) to Hobby Lobby. We picked out the fabric, trim, ribbon and even the ready made hair bow. For the grand total of $13! Way cheaper than the boutique prices. We (mostly me) made this precious little dress. (Sorry about the quality, mostly last minute iphone pix at about 11pm.) How adorable!
My niece is 8 months old, but very petite. She can still fit into some newborn clothes. As you can imagine, there aren't may patterns for this size pillow case dress. We did find a cute dress pattern here but tweaked alot of it.
So, on Tuesday, my sister calls me as soon as school is out begging to go back and get more fabric. She swears she will help me clean or whatever I was originally going to do, so we go again. We get some adorable fabric and while we were waiting for the fabric to wash/dry, she does the impossible. She does the thing that I have been whining about FOREVER! She moves my nursery around to the way I think I want it for Baby!! She hauls my treadmill into the bedroom with a little help from Mr. M. She moves the remaining truck parts, the crib, changing table, clothes out of the crib, and bunny lamp. I was amazed. Mr. Magnificent was sooo thankful to not 1. have to have done it, 2. not hear me whine anymore. So, I think the night of sewing to 11 was worth it. Here is the nursery so far!!
This picture quality is seriously bad on this picture, I took it with my crappy phone.

Once that was done, she drew out the pattern, cut out the fabric and sewed this entire dress! I sewed one of the armholes. I am SOOO proud of her. I would post the picture of her with the dress but she would kill me.

I love that my sister wants to sew! It gives us even more in common. I love spending time with her and her two adorable babies. The bonus for me is that Baby will get to wear these adorable dresses later.
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  1. I'm itching to get into sewing! Sadly right now I'll have to wait. I keep telling my hubby that before We look to start a family (we are thinking some time soon) that I need a sewing machine and get the basics skills behind me ahead of time. I'm assuming lack of sleep will effect my skills or the learning of them. I want to be able to make some of my kids clothes, Halloween costumes, etc.


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