Monday, October 25, 2010

Updated To Do List

Since I am down to 80 days until my due date, I thought I would update my "to do list." This is my want and need to get done before Magnificent Baby arrives list! It also makes me feel good to see what I have completed!!

  • Sew pink and denim quilt- Completed 10/17/10
  • Sew crib sheet using this tutorial- Completed 8/10/10
  • Sew crib bumper pad-Still working on this- I have one of the six pieces sewn.
  • Sew crib quilt using my own pattern- Completed 9/5/10
  • Sew crib bed skirt using this tutorial- well, with the help of... Completed 8/11/10
  • Sew changing pad cover using this tutorial-Already received several so not making any
  • Make foam cubes- Not gonna happen! 
  • Register at Babies R Us and Blessed Baby- Completed
  • Clean out nursery closet- Completed 8/7/10
  • Rearrange my room to move treadmill out of nursery - Completed courtesy of my awesome sister. See this post!
  • Get changing table from my sister- Completed
  • Wash extra car seat base- Completed Thanks to Mr. M
  • Figure out how to get odd odor out of the wardrobe- Aired it out, seems to be ok now.
  • Get sister's hand me down clothes once we know gender Completed
  • Make "It's A...." record sheet really liking this idea- Completed 
  • Make room in kitchen for bottles, etc- Completed
  •  Have SIL make "Every good and perfect gift comes from above" vinyl into a wall plaque- Completed 10/24 
  • Have a place for kid books- Bookshelves are made and painted, ready to be hung up. 10/18-24 Hung up 10/25/10. See this post. 
  • Hang shelves, pictures, etc in nursery- Corner shelves hung 10-24. Everything else 10/25/10. See this post.
  • Make thank you cards to match the Peter Rabbit theme- Completed
  •  Decide on what to put in picture frames (family pix, quote, scripture, etc). Made a bow holder and leaving the other for a picture- Completed
  • Rehang painted closet door (a Mr. M project)- Completed
  • Move hubby's clothes to my closet- Completed 11/?/10
  • Organize baby stuff after baby shower (shower Nov. 6)- Completed 11/6-7/10
Still to do: 
  • Finish decorating nursery
  • Make or buy curtain- Thinking this isn't going to be a priority. Did think of doing the pendant banners (you've seen them on a ton of blogs) out of scrap fabric from her bedding/quilt. What do you think??
  • Make some burp rags- Going to make them with Beatrix Potter characters on them (love my embroidery machine)!
  • Move kids books from living room to nursery
  • Make wall flowers from this site- Bought paper, now to cut them out... started cutting, not wanting to finish.
  • Write a bazillion thank you notes   
  • Wash all baby clothes
  • Take breast feeding class
  • Re-read Babywise
  • Read Birthwise
  • Read breast feeding book- Started 10/24
  • Create nursing corner with basket of necessities
  • Pack and repack hospital bag
  • Bake muffins, pancakes, and other frozen goods for baby arrival (thanks Laptop to Lullabies)
  • Buy a rocking chair for nursery
  • Choose pediatrician
  • Fix window in nursery (a Mr. M project)
  • Send Sarah scrapbook stuff (Gender party papers/card, more ultrasound pictures, etc)
  • Take Oli to the groomer close to the due date so he will be handsome when his little sister comes home ;)
    I am sure there are more things I should add. Experienced moms, please add to my list....
    Man, I have a lot to do! It is starting to finally look like a real nursery though! It will be soo worth all the effort!!


    1. Wow great, thanks for your listings.
      Mickey Buarao

    2. Wow! The nursery is really coming along! Its very nice! I love the how much work you are putting into it. I cannot wait to see it in person!


    Thank you for your comments, I may not get around to letting you know how much they mean to me but they make my day!