Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Randomness

Well, this post will be completely random but that is ok.

On the pregnancy side of things, I feel like this:I have also been nesting!! A lot! I have started cleaning/reorganizing cabinets, closets, piles, piles of piles, etc. It feels good to get some stuff done but it is also aggravating that I can't do it all myself.

This morning Baby Magnificent kicked so hard that she woke me up! It is a comforting feeling though. I enjoy knowing that she is moving. It reminds me how much of a blessing she truly is.

She is also definitely related to her father's side of the family! I have been craving chocolate. This would make her grandma very proud. She and my sister-in-law are self professed chocolate queens. So at the the moment, I would give anything for some chocolate!!

I have been working my little tushi off to finish cutting out fabric for Sarah. I only have some batting to cut and then that project is complete.

I still need to make the bumper pads. Why is this one little project taunting me so? I have no idea why I don't want to just get them done, ok well, maybe I do...
  1. I would have to clean off my heaped over sewing table
  2. I would have to find the paper where we (my mom and I) figured out the dimensions for the bumper pads.
  3. I have to cut big pieces of fabric. When it is big enough to not fit on my 23X23 cutting board...I don't like cutting it.
  4. I would have to clean all the clothes out of the crib to take a picture to show all of you. Because you know, once it is finished I will be showing it off!!
  5. I guess I still don't love the fabric choices 100%. Too bad though because I am not about to buy any more fabric.
So, I guess I have a couple reasons why I haven't sewn the bumper pads.

On the nursery side of things, Mr. M has been making some progress on the truck that has removed truck parts from the nursery (YIPPEEE)!! The downside is that even though the parts are leaving, in order to put the furniture in its proper place, we have to rearrange the master bedroom first. We need to move the treadmill in there. So, that is definitely something I can't do... which requires muscles, and working on the truck is a little higher on the priority list.

If you are lost about why there are truck parts in my nursery, here is the short version of that story. Hubby is restoring our 1950 Chevy Pickup. It is an heirloom from my grandpa. These parts are expensive or delicate and need to be inside so they aren't scratched/damaged. Since the nursery was our spare room for the last 3 years, it wasn't an issue until recently. We did talk about the rooms and truck last night and I have hope that it will all work out. The hubs has told me before that he is thankful I have been patient/understanding about truck parts in the house, that not all women would be that way. Well, I grew up with a dad that was rebuilding a Harlie Davidson in the living room one year. So, I guess I am trained correctly. lol

What is on your "I need to get done but have 5,982 reasons not to" list? Any tips on motivation or cleaning/nesting while pregnant??

Enjoy your Monday!!

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  1. I kind of miss the nesting phase...oh, the motivation. It's completely lost on me now! :)


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