Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm a believer...

Since we have decided to build our own home I have been feeling the pressure of needing all the money it will take to do just that. I ran across a blog called Ring Around the Rosies. She sells Shaklee (shack-lee) cleaning products. I have seen A Bowl Full of Lemons talk about Shaklee all the time. 

Well, I decided to find out about their products and what it would take to sell them myself. The crazy thing is that I hadn't even tried their products out yet. Crazy right?! So, I talked with Ring Around the Rosies and she sent me some info to talk with Mr. M about it and I ordered some Scour Off and Laundry Detergent since I was about out and my soap nuts hadn't come in yet.
I talked with Mr. M and the he reassured me that I didn't need to spend the time or money that would be required to be a part of the Shaklee team. Whew... (whiping sweat off my brow....).  I love when he takes my fears and makes them irrelevant. He reminded me that my sole focus is out sweet little girl, not making money. Thanks honey :)
So, this morning I was able to put the Scour Off to the test! I have had this spot on my floor for 3+ years. I have scrubbed and scrubbed with EVERYTHING! It is spray foam that was spilled on the floor and not wiped up fast enough....ooops. Well, as you can imagine it collects the dirt every time I sweep and mop. See for yourself...

I have a rug in the kitchen that covers it most of the time but I still know it is there... 
So, I covered it with some of the scour off and crossed my fingers. 

After scrubbing until that was all scrubbed off I could tell a difference. After a few more coats and getting out my scrub brush, here is the final product! One of the best things is that my fingers although sore from scrubbing were not in pain from using some crazy chemical laden cleaning supply!

You can still see some of it but I think it is mostly just discolored. My linoleum isn't smooth so it may just be what is stuck in the crevasses. Regardless, it doesn't stand out for everyone to see. 

I couldn't believe my eyes!! I have been trying to get that up for 3 years! So, I am now a Shaklee believer!! If you would like to check out Shaklee and you feel so obliged, I do get a bonus for anyone who orders from Shaklee using my referral. The best part for you is that by using my link, you will get 15% off your order (over $25).  This was not a sponsored post. I just had to tell you how excited I was about my clean floor! 

Here it is again!