Monday, October 17, 2011

Mr. Magnificent's Baby Shower Cake

Not too long ago, I posted about Eric's pregnant belly cake. You can find it here
Well, Eric was able to make the follow up cake for the baby shower.

People are surprised to find out all of our little talents. 
(sewing, crafting, taxidermy, baking, decorating)
They assume I am the one who makes the cakes. 
They can't believe it when I tell them, no, Eric (Mr. M) does make them (with a little help of course...).

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A little weightloss update...

Not too long ago I posted about our weight loss journey. Click here to read all about that.
Just as a reminder, here is where I started.

I can't believe I am actually admitting to this...

On May 24, 2011 I weighed in at 176.5 lb.
Today, October 6, 2011 I weighed 140.0 lb.
Just so you don't have to do the math... that is 36.5 pounds!!
I have also lost 48 inches. 10 of those inches were in the last month since I stopped breastfeeding.
I went from a tight size 16 to now getting into a 7/8. Some 7/8s are tight and some are fine depending on brand of course. I can wear a medium shirt.
So, how far do I have to go? Another 10.5 pounds. Did I mention high school was the last time I was this size?
How am I getting there? Sticking to my menu. Doing some Pilates and 30 day shred from Jillian Michaels. I have done one day of each in the last two weeks. I am not going to beat myself up about only doing one thing a week. Afterall, I have a 9 mo old. I am proud that I even did something.

I don't have any before/after pictures of my whole self yet. I'll save those for the big finale :)
I did get my hair cut yesterday and can share that picture with you along with one about a month before we started with Metabolic Research Center.


Thanks for stopping by. If you are new you can check out my About page to get to know me and the rest of my "Magnificent" crew. 

I have to take a minute and give God some glory. I would not have been able to do this if He had not been my strength. I was seriously addicted to foods and was emotionally eating. I still fall into that from time to time. The great thing is that God loves me how I am (imperfect) and wants to see me grow. As I grow, His glory is magnified. With His power, that is just what I am doing (growing). I don't want my little one's growing up with an unhealthy diet and it is up to me to provide for them. First, I had to get my diet under control. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Routines

I posted yesterday about doing the 31 Days to Clean challenge. You can find the post here. I went ahead and added my lists for the challenge under the 31 Days to Clean page on the sidebar. This then inspired me to revamp my cleaning and daily routine page. Mind you, I don't do this to a "t" daily or even weekly but it gives me a goal! If you are struggling with your routine, I hope these help you out or inspire you. If you want either document send me a message or comment and I will email it to you. If you don't have your email linked to your Blogger profile, please include your email.

Preview of “Clean HOUSE” Preview of “Jorja & Mommy's Routine”

Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Days to Clean- Having a Martha House the Mary Way

Alright dear readers! I am finally going to start this! I bought this ebook, 31 Days to Clean- Having a Martha House the Mary Way, a few months ago. Right before I went to California actually.


I have wanted to work on it and have read a lot of it but haven't done the actual work involved. So, here I am today telling you that I am going to start today! 

If you want to know more about this, check out the website. It is a great ebook for only $4.99. You can order it through the sidebar right now!!

I know that I have talked with Sarah (my bestie) about doing this challenge together. She is tired from being pregnant and all but getting her house in order would help a lot too! The great part about this is that the Martha challenges or chores don't take long. Once day you clean out your fridge. One day you clean your oven. Plus the Mary challenges help you in a different way.  Anyone can spend 10-15 minutes a day working over your house! 

I know that being a stay-at-home mom has made me realize that I have to set goals each day to be productive. Otherwise I get sucked into the internet and don't accomplish much other than taking care of my child. I much prefer when I cross off most of the things on my list and my hubby comes home to a clean house. I know it improves my mood too because I actually "accomplished" something! 
There are a couple different ways you can approach the 31 days. You can follow their challenges as outlined in the book or you can create your own 31 days of chores. Well, since I am not one who listens very well when told what to do, I will be creating my own list. As I accomplish them, I will mark them off. For the time being I will have a page dedicated to the 31 days and my list of what I accomplish. 

Won't you join me in doing some Fall cleaning?!?!?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'd like to...

This post is my way of posting and updating and being random all at the same time...

I'd like to....
  • eat what I want without thinking about how I shouldn't be eating certain things because I need to lose these last 12 pounds.
  • be done with my diet.
  • have confidence that I would actually keep this weight off. 
  • stop griping about my diet now.
  • magically know if we should add on to our house, buy a house, or build a house.
  • know if I really want to have kids two years apart.
  • know if three years apart would be better than two. 
  • win a makeover show ( I have two pairs of pants I can fit right now)
  • know what my "style" is.
  • go shopping for some clothes that fit.
  • get rid of my baby belly (although it was so worth it).
  • read the rest of Super Baby Food.
  • tell you how much I love Babywise because it has worked great for us. 
  • read a new book. 
  • get a pedicure.
  • go on a date with Mr. Magnificent.
  • get more slobbery kisses from Jorja (baby M.).
  • spring clean my house.
  • sew my latest organizer order.
  • sew a diaper bag that I bought and cut out the fabric for because it is super cute.
  • sell said diaper bag. 
  • eat bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies (can you tell I'm hungry).
  • tell you how much I have learned about myself in the bible study I am doing right now but I don't know if you want to know lol!
  • call my dad and grandpa and tell him how much their (great)granddaughter has changed.
  • have some time with my sisters without our little munchkins.
  • hear what you have to say!
  • make Jorja a quiet book!