Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'd like to...

This post is my way of posting and updating and being random all at the same time...

I'd like to....
  • eat what I want without thinking about how I shouldn't be eating certain things because I need to lose these last 12 pounds.
  • be done with my diet.
  • have confidence that I would actually keep this weight off. 
  • stop griping about my diet now.
  • magically know if we should add on to our house, buy a house, or build a house.
  • know if I really want to have kids two years apart.
  • know if three years apart would be better than two. 
  • win a makeover show ( I have two pairs of pants I can fit right now)
  • know what my "style" is.
  • go shopping for some clothes that fit.
  • get rid of my baby belly (although it was so worth it).
  • read the rest of Super Baby Food.
  • tell you how much I love Babywise because it has worked great for us. 
  • read a new book. 
  • get a pedicure.
  • go on a date with Mr. Magnificent.
  • get more slobbery kisses from Jorja (baby M.).
  • spring clean my house.
  • sew my latest organizer order.
  • sew a diaper bag that I bought and cut out the fabric for because it is super cute.
  • sell said diaper bag. 
  • eat bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies (can you tell I'm hungry).
  • tell you how much I have learned about myself in the bible study I am doing right now but I don't know if you want to know lol!
  • call my dad and grandpa and tell him how much their (great)granddaughter has changed.
  • have some time with my sisters without our little munchkins.
  • hear what you have to say!
  • make Jorja a quiet book!

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  1. Loved this. At any given moment, I could say that I feel the same way about 3/4 of these statements!


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