Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Routines

I posted yesterday about doing the 31 Days to Clean challenge. You can find the post here. I went ahead and added my lists for the challenge under the 31 Days to Clean page on the sidebar. This then inspired me to revamp my cleaning and daily routine page. Mind you, I don't do this to a "t" daily or even weekly but it gives me a goal! If you are struggling with your routine, I hope these help you out or inspire you. If you want either document send me a message or comment and I will email it to you. If you don't have your email linked to your Blogger profile, please include your email.

Preview of “Clean HOUSE” Preview of “Jorja & Mommy's Routine”

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  1. It's cool to see the routine you guys have! I'm always curious on how life is with a baby, because I know I have my own set routine, but when you throw a newborn in the mix, everything changes. Of course, your routine is different than mine will be at first, but it's still nice!


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