Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I know, lately I haven't been posting, sorry about that. But, I haven't been feeling real well. School got out!! And I am watching my 5 year old niece during the day. Makes for not much craft time, until today!
The Cute Blonde was wanting to help me sew but this wasn't a kid project, so what did I do? Pull out my buttons and let her put buttons on a string...with a needle! OH MY!!
Here she is! Don't mind the fake smile, I had to take the picture a couple times. She keeps going and then we start over again. She tells me she is doing patterns (we learned what a pattern was earlier). Then I'll ask what the pattern is now and there isn't one. It is great though. The teacher comes out in me all the time what can I say!

Now this is my craft project. Took me all of about 45 minutes to measure, cut, iron, sew, and tweak. 
Its a cover for Betsy...
Or whatever I call her that day...sometimes good names...sometimes not...
I'm not the best bow person. But it gets the job done and yay for cute and not dusty!!

So, how I did it was by measuring several different parts of the machine. I ended up cutting a 20" X 27" piece of fabric. Then sewed the edges under. I did make the corner a boxed end (whatever you call it) so that it didn't just stick up in the air. I didn't really make this a tutorial but there are some great ones out there! Now, I just need a matching scrap caddy to hang on my table. 
You could win one from here.
I want this one!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

God never ceases to amaze me.

I know that God is in control no matter if I am frustrated, scared, tired, nervous, happy, sad, impatient, or careless. But sometimes He does things in our lives to remind us how much He truly cares for us. It is hard to trust Him when you want things to go one way but you know He may not have that happen. It takes some God sized faith to help me remember that no matter what, He does truly know what is best. I have to trust Him. I have to remember how much He loves me. I have to remember that I will grow through struggles, and only know Him more. So, regardless of all my feelings, I am thankful for His infinite wisdom and grace. And I won't pray for anything other than His will.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

KitchenAid Mixer & Cake Decorating

There are those times in your marriage where you could just squeal because he gives into you and gets you a present that you know you will love forever. I know I will not be loved for this post because certain people Sarah may be jealous. But its ok! 

So, I am taking a FREE cake decorating class Thursday nights. Seriously, a lady at church is teaching the Wilton type courses to us! I was so jumping up and down because those classes at Hobby Lobby or Michaels are expensive!!
I have collected a lot of decorating tips and such over the years. I love to decorate cupcakes and cookies. Hence my wall of cookie cutters...
And not all of them were out a the box in this picture! 

In order to organize my cake decorating stuff and make it easier to got to class, I got this handy slightly ugly box. But it was cheap!! I mean economical...

 I had more pictures but they aren't loading! GRRR

So having to make icing every week, makes you really want one of these....

And courtesy of my hubby and Amazon.com I have have one on the way!! After reading a bazillion and two reviews, I ordered the 5 quart Artisan mixer. It is going to be white because it was $50 less than any other color. I am even more excited to get this little attachment FOR FREE.
It is a promotion from KitchenAid. Well, a rebate of sorts. Buy a KitchenAid mixer between now and the end of the month and you can get the food grinder or food slicer for free. After reading reviews on both, the grinder won because the slicer was not all it was cracked up to be. 

Oh and the hubs finally broke down and got me a new blender. And it is wonderful! Raspberry Strawberry smoothies here I come.
Looks like this!

Thank you Google for your host of images!