Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I know, lately I haven't been posting, sorry about that. But, I haven't been feeling real well. School got out!! And I am watching my 5 year old niece during the day. Makes for not much craft time, until today!
The Cute Blonde was wanting to help me sew but this wasn't a kid project, so what did I do? Pull out my buttons and let her put buttons on a string...with a needle! OH MY!!
Here she is! Don't mind the fake smile, I had to take the picture a couple times. She keeps going and then we start over again. She tells me she is doing patterns (we learned what a pattern was earlier). Then I'll ask what the pattern is now and there isn't one. It is great though. The teacher comes out in me all the time what can I say!

Now this is my craft project. Took me all of about 45 minutes to measure, cut, iron, sew, and tweak. 
Its a cover for Betsy...
Or whatever I call her that day...sometimes good names...sometimes not...
I'm not the best bow person. But it gets the job done and yay for cute and not dusty!!

So, how I did it was by measuring several different parts of the machine. I ended up cutting a 20" X 27" piece of fabric. Then sewed the edges under. I did make the corner a boxed end (whatever you call it) so that it didn't just stick up in the air. I didn't really make this a tutorial but there are some great ones out there! Now, I just need a matching scrap caddy to hang on my table. 
You could win one from here.
I want this one!!


  1. Betsy?! Nice! ;-) I like the scissors caddy! Very cute.

  2. The caddy will hold all my thread and fabric scraps :)


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