Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Updated To Do List... again!

We have made it to 59 days and my completed list has grown compared to my last update
  • Sew pink and denim quilt- Completed 10/17/10
  • Sew crib sheet using this tutorial- Completed 8/10/10
  • Sew crib bumper pad-Still working on this- I have one of the six pieces sewn.
  • Sew crib quilt using my own pattern- Completed 9/5/10
  • Sew crib bed skirt using this tutorial- well, with the help of... Completed 8/11/10
  • Sew changing pad cover using this tutorial-Already received several so not making any
  • Make foam cubes- Not gonna happen! 
  • Register at Babies R Us and Blessed Baby- Completed
  • Clean out nursery closet- Completed 8/7/10
  • Rearrange my room to move treadmill out of nursery - Completed courtesy of my awesome sister. See this post!
  • Get changing table from my sister- Completed
  • Wash extra car seat base- Completed Thanks to Mr. M
  • Figure out how to get odd odor out of the wardrobe- Aired it out, seems to be ok now.
  • Get sister's hand me down clothes once we know gender Completed
  • Make "It's A...." record sheet really liking this idea- Completed 
  • Make room in kitchen for bottles, etc- Completed
  •  Have SIL make "Every good and perfect gift comes from above" vinyl into a wall plaque- Completed 10/24 
  • Have a place for kid books- Bookshelves are made and painted, ready to be hung up. 10/18-24 Hung up 10/25/10. See this post. 
  • Hang shelves, pictures, etc in nursery- Corner shelves hung 10-24. Everything else 10/25/10. See this post.
  • Make thank you cards to match the Peter Rabbit theme- Completed
  •  Decide on what to put in picture frames (family pix, quote, scripture, etc). Made a bow holder and leaving the other for a picture- Completed
  • Rehang painted closet door (a Mr. M project)- Completed
  • Move hubby's clothes to my closet- Completed 11/?/10
  • Organize baby stuff after baby shower (shower Nov. 6)- Completed 11/6-7/10 
  • Finish decorating nursery- Mostly completed, it's just upkeep now. 
  • Make some burp rags- Going to make them with Beatrix Potter characters on them (love my embroidery machine)!- Did some super cute ones with ribbon, embroidery and applique but no Peter Rabbit...still adorable! 
  • Write a bazillion thank you notes   Completed! 
  • Take breast feeding class- took a class at Blessed Baby! Got a coupon for $20 off a Medela pump, a $5 gift card to the store, a binkie, and some great tips. So, I got my Medela pump that night too!!
  • Buy a rocking chair for nursery- Got an awesome deal on the rocker-recliner from Ashley furniture. I am loving it. It is "me sized" as my husband would say! What do you think? Do you like it??

Still to do: 
  • Make a few wet bags for those messy times. 
  • Make diaper/wipes clutch
I am stuck on this one but won't pay $25 for it :(

  • Move kids books from living room to nursery
  • Wash all baby clothes- started by washing bedding last night...
  • Re-read Babywise
  • Read Birthwise
  • Read breast feeding book- Started 10/24
  • Create nursing corner with basket of necessities
  • Pack and repack hospital bag
  • Bake muffins, pancakes, and other frozen goods for baby arrival (thanks Laptop to Lullabies)
  • Choose pediatrician
  • Fix window in nursery (a Mr. M project)
  • Send Sarah scrapbook stuff (Gender party papers/card, more ultrasound pictures, etc)
  • Take Oli to the groomer close to the due date so he will be handsome when his little sister comes home ;)
I am sure there are more things I should add. Experienced moms, please add to my list....

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