Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Makeover Giveaway

So, if you look at my actual blog instead of using Google Reader or iGoogle, you may notice that my blog keeps changing clothes. Well, backgrounds/templates. When I saw that Miranda over at Little Sailor Designs was doing  a giveaway, I just had to enter.

You see, I don't like things to stay the same for very long. Whether its the stuff on my kitchen counter, my furniture, or my blog design, I just don't like it to always stay the same. Then you get into changing the backgrounds or begging the hubby to move just one more piece of furniture. At times, neither the template or the hubby wants to cooperate. So, having someone else do the designing is OK with me!!

This is how awesome Miranda is, she just makes you post about the giveaway and then comment with the link to your post. So, wish me luck and go enter for yourself! She does a fantastic job!!

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