Thursday, February 11, 2010

It is Thursday already!

This week has not been one that i want to record anything about... I have slacked seriously...
But I can choose to either get onto myself and make myself feel bad about it or I can change it. So, I am going to change it rather than whine.
Here is what I have done since last Friday:
  • Kept up with my morning bible study!
  • Spent Monday with my niece Cadence 
  • Fixed a shirt that needed mending
  • Made cookies for my students
  • Make the Chocolate covered Cheesecake Balls and the tutorial
  • Did Pilates (once) That I am sore from 
  • Cleaned house
  • Cooked a recipe from Eat Clean that was Roasted Garlic Sweet Potato Soup...yeah spent two hours on that to not like it at all....
  • Sewed my coupon organizer
  • Sewed pouches for envelope system
So, I haven't done nothing... but I could do more.  I am working on it and that is ok. I am going to start counting calories...using

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