Monday, April 12, 2010

What I Can Make...

I may be just a little excited but that should be expected...You see, I got my first "internet" order for a custom diaper bag. I have made several diaper bags before but they were all local so this got me excited! And since I set up PayPal to sell my Cash or Coupon Organizers, I thought I would just let everyone know what I can make. Check back often because I will add items as I add things I can make!

**Cash or Coupon Organizer**
$12 plain
$15 for 1 embroidered initial
$18 for 3 embroidered initials
The difference is that the coupon organizer is a little taller and has the hands free option. It is able to wrap around the shopping cart (handle or seat). While the cash organizer does not wrap around. I do custom dividers on matching cardstock.

***Diaper Bag***
$60 without Vinyl
$75 with Vinyl inside

***Diaper Wipes Case $8***
***Changing Pad $8***
or both for $15

 This has vinyl on the inside. Makes for a nice spill proof interior!

You can pick your own fabrics.

You can choose how many inside and outside pockets you like. You can have them customized! Just comment or email me about them!

**Custom Burp Rags**
  (no pictures yet)
$12 for 2

***Embroidered Bibs***
$8 (includes price of bib) May very depending on chosen embroidery. 

***Bobby Cover $20***

***Laptop Cover***
$15 Fleece or Flannel lining to help prevent scratches.

***Custom Clip Boards $10***
I can add ribbon to the clip too.

Please email me if you are interested in any of the items listed or anything else you have seen me make on my blog! I love making gift items! I also doing embroidery/monogramming so keep that in mind!

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  1. Wow. I am loving your diaper bag and accessories. Maybe I can convince the husband to order a custom one for us...


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