Friday, April 9, 2010

New Project! Need your help!!

Be on the look out for a super cute re-upholstery job coming soon. I have to thank Infarrantly Creative for all the inspiration she gives me! She does so many upholstery jobs and has great tutorials! She gives me the courage to be brave enough to try this. So...with that said, this is my attempt at making an old thing look new and very cute! Mind you, I haven't bought the fabric for it yet...but I did find some.
What do you think of this? (option 1)
Going on this chair?
I haven't decided so please comment and let me know what you think. Would it go with the wood?
Or there is this... (option 2)

Or maybe you like option 3...
Here is a picture of my current couch with the red accent pillows. The couch's color is more true in the first picture but the pillows are more accurate in the second picture.

Please Please vote!!! I am so indecisive and want to go fabric shopping again...


  1. I prefer the Option #1 fabric, but feel that the Option #2 fabric would be better suited next to your couch.

  2. Option #1 or #2. =) And you don't have to change the wood color. I like.

  3. Thanks Lelan. Our couches make it difficult since they are a grayish color.
    Sarah- you know how I feel about refinishing furniture... and I don't want to in this case because the wood matches the coffee table and TV stand and all :)

  4. My vote is the paisley one especially if this is one of your first reup jobs. A geometric pattern isn't as forgiving as the paisley one would be. That is my two cents. Thanks for the shout out also!

  5. I vote for the paisley! I love anything paisley...looks like fun!


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