Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The pitter patter of little feet...

That's right..... we are expecting....
Sorry but will all the "We're expecting" posts lately I couldn't resist. 
A miniature Schnauzer! I pick him up tonight!! He is 6 weeks old. I can't wait. 
He looks kinda like this...
Except that he is solid black. We are thinking of these names: Bandit, Buckshot, Cash, Duer, Axel, or Saxson.
I am a little nervous but I have some great advice coming in from some dog owners. I think I will make it.


  1. Oh my god, how cute! We have a Schipperke and I remember when he was just a tiny puppy, he was only about 3 pounds when we got him!

  2. I can barely take that adorable!

  3. Oh my!! Miniature Schnauzers are popping up all around me. I think it's a sign I should get a second one, a girl this time? Or should we try for human children? ;) Have fun with the new guy!

  4. He was so much fun last night. And as a proud momma already I was jazzed that he made it all night with no accidents in his crate!!
    Mrs. Ma'am- I would say that for some, human kids are harder to achieve than you might think. My bestie wants to find an Alice for her Jasper (Twilight books). Either way...HAVE FUN!


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