Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well, after the hubby had a pretty cruddy day (long story), he begged me to make him some chocolate chip cookies. I didn't want to because I knew I would eat some but I knew he would feel better. So, after a trip to the dollar store for chocolate chips, I whipped up a batch. Now that dough was amazing.... shouldn't have eaten any but it was good. Then I had about 3-4 cookies. (Can't remember exactly.) We watched TV for about 45 minutes then went to bed. I was not feeling real great at this point. Man that sugar hit my body with vengeance. It did the trick because I was like "I will never again eat that many cookies or have that much sugar." Ugh :(
I hate that sugar was that rough on me. But I guess it was a good thing because it was even more confirmation that I don't need to be eating it! So, when the hubby had his cookies and milk for breakfast, I had my Fiber One Shredded Wheat. Oh and I took the leftover cookies to church!! Get them the heck outta here!

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