Monday, April 26, 2010

Friend Making Monday

Well, today brings the second FMM that I think I have actually completed :)

So, here are 5 Things that I Love! -besides the obvious

1. My nephew's laugh
2. New Fabric

3. A room that smells great

4. A good (Karen Kingsbury) book

5. Entering Giveaways with the hope of wining
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  1. My friend has been after me to read Karen Kingsbury forever now. I love fabric as well I just need someone to teach me how to sew now.
    Happy FMM!

  2. I'm not familiar with Karen K, but I do love to read. Great list..

  3. well, may you win a giveaway one day!

  4. i love the font that you have for all your looks really great!

    aren't little kid laughs the greatest. some of my friend's children have now developed "fake laughs" that they do all the is hysterical!

    happy FMM!

  5. I'm going to add Karen Kingsbury to my list to look for at the library. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Your nephew is adorable! And I know just what you mean about a room that smells great. Isn't that the best? That is my favorite : )

  7. I also love new fabric! I get all giddy when I get some, no matter how small a piece it is!

  8. Your nephew is too cute. Love fabric too. I'll have to check out that book. Happy FMM.


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