Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break is OVER!

It is kinda sad, spring break is over and long gone. I have been busy and a little stressed so I haven't blogged until now.
I was able to finally get all of the pieces for the diaper bag cut out and interfaced. I will be sewing them tonight. The rest of my spring break was nice and productive! Our mini-vacay was really nice! We enjoyed the time together! I feel blessed that we were even able to take such a nice trip. God is so good!
This week is crazy! I feel like I haven't caught up from being gone and that drives me crazy. Monday night I did do about 20 minutes of Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones... I'm still sore today! I am still having to baby the ankle that I rolled several weeks ago! It makes me mad that the ankle bothers me enough that I can't get on the treadmill. But in time I'm sure it will be better.
This week I am out of school Friday so I have some big goals set! I have a bunch of projects I want/need to get done! Wish me luck!

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