Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break Here We Come!!!

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am that in 3.5 hours I will be out of school for 10 days...yes read that again 10 days! (I am counting weekends-it sounds better saying 10 than 6)
This weekend I am having a sleepover for my girls I teach a bible study to. Six girls ranging from 6th grade to sophomores in high school. Yes I am crazy excited!! I can't wait though, it will be fun. We will play Quelf- my new favorite board game. (Thanks, Sarah) I am making home made chicken alfredo! Did I mention that Friday night it cheat night? Not gorge night, don't think about it night...
Well, as far as my journey goes, this week has been a little um crazy. I haven't made it to be before 10:00pm! I don't like that because then my morning routine suffers. And of course my exercise does as well. But I am going to be off this week so NO excuses!! I am so ready.
I am going to plan my days for next week. I don't want to regret having a week off and not accomplishing anything. I am praying for God's strength because a few of my strongholds are definitely procrastination, laziness, and being able to get distracted. But, with God's help and my determination...this isn't gonna happen this time!!

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