Monday, March 15, 2010

Making Friends Monday

I stumbled upon this... Making Friends Monday! I am looking forward to meeting some great new friends!

I am.... Short Fun Sized :)

I think.... this is fun!

I should... be getting my patterns ready for the diaper bag I need to sew tomorrow.

I dream.... about having my own kids one day...

I want.... it to be Friday, so I can go on our weekend vacation!

I know... how to sew.

I don't like.... green peas.

I smell... how clean my house is! I *heart* Febreeze candles (that I bought with a coupon)

I hear.... Cool Running's...yes the old Jamaican Bobsled movie ;)

I fear.... falling

I usually... procrastinate

I search... for that one thing that I know was supposed to be where I thought it was.

I miss.... my dad, he passed away a year and half ago. It is crazy how you think of someone you miss at such random times.

I always... play my music LOUD!

I regret.... not doing better in high school, it would have made college so much easier!

I wonder.... what my kids will look like.

I crave.... uh anything that is sugar and/or carbs! (I'm dieting changing my lifestyle!)

I remember... how excited I was when I saw my husband when I started walking down the isle the day of our wedding!

I need..... to not spend so much time on the computer.

I forget.... um, I don't

I feel.... grateful that I have a Savior who died for me that I may live.

I can.... change my habits.

I can't.... forget where I came from and how it has made me stronger.

I am happy.... sitting next to the love of my life.

I lose..... my keys and phone all the time.

I sing.... only when no one is around.

I listen... very carefully.

I shop..... clearance!

I eat.... :)

I love..... being in the moment.

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  1. Nice to meet you @ FMM! Great list! I wonder what my kids will look like as well. I *finally* found pictures of my husband when he was little, not too long ago. We thought they'd all been lost but we found a box of them at his dad's, and it was the biggest thrill. Luckily he was a cute little kid! haha


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