Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break Day 5 & 6 (so far)

Tuesday: I was able to clean the house up again, or maintain it at least. I made arrangements to drop off my old sewing machine to be delivered to its new owner. I got all of the stuff together for donations. Load the car, and went to my sisters house to get more stuff to drop off at the Good Will. I was able to drop off the sewing machine and drop off the donations then I went to Home Depot to get ((((more)))) cement for my sidewalk. The hubs has done such a great job and the sidewalk...I know he will be so glad for it to be done though. When I told the cashier I needed 6 bags of 80lb concrete, you would have thought I told her I need one of everything in the store...geeze. Then the lady that loaded my concrete was like that is almost 500lbs! We have had like 10 bags in there what? Everyone underestimates the abilities of the Jeep Liberty! But I know its powers...and it did just fine.
Next I went to get my oil changed since is was 3000 miles over due...yes 6000 miles since the last oil change...oops! As I am waiting the hubs calls to say he ran out of gas. So, I get done in town and go pick him up of the side of the When I finally got home, I cooked dinner, and worked on my own little sewing project for myself. A new ironing board cover!
Wednesday: Finished the ironing board cover. And blogged....finished laundry. Now, I need to go to see my sister and my adorable niece and nephew.
I know he can't wait for me to get there so we can play chase around the house ;-)

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