Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update on the To Do List

Well, yesterday I decided I had to do something. I made a little progress on cleaning out my nursery closet. So, with my bestie at my side (via Skype) I took a very embarrassing "before" picture. Now, before I show you, please do not be judgmental or harsh. I live in a house that is 1100 square feet. I have this one and only part of a closet for any kind of storage. So, anything and everything goes here. It used to be my linen closet before I discovered Space Bags! Now, the linens live above my washer/dryer. So, without further procrastination ...

Now the saddest part... do you see all the WASTED space?? It just kills me. Let me give you a run down of what all is in this closet....

Bottom "floor" space- Fireproof safe with car titles that need to be put IN the box, sleeping bags, and exercise mat

2nd Shelf- Canning jars, handed down kids books, and a few of my nephews toys, old books, leftover cups from my kitchen decorations

3rd Shelf- Shelves bought at an unbelievable steal at a yard sale for the nursery, Christmas wreath that was taken down too late to make it in the Christmas totes that are in the shop, a Brita water filter, candle that sits on my wood burning stove during the winter, and other odd items that got shoved there.

4th Shelf- :( this is my shelf with almost all things school related. I have calculators TI-84 Plus that I got at a conference I teach 6th graders- what am I going to do with them?!, a set of worksheets that go with the curriculum, my camera boxes, and my baby book BOX. Yes my mother kept enough stuff for a box, not a book. I don't have the enthusiasm to go through it again and throw out stuff. And when my dad passed away, I added his school stuff to it. So now, it is mine and my dad's baby memory box. Plus a few photo albums, and a slide to digital photo converter. Another steal on Walmart clearance ($80 new, $17 clearanced)!

5th Shelf- A baseball glove, a pair of coveralls, and a blanket.

So, I know I said I made progress on the closet. And I did... I threw away a Wal-Mart sack full of stuff. I got all the "school" stuff out to take back to school. I moved things around. And I have one picture to share of what progress I did make.
The CD's and calculator boxes on the left won't stay there. But I had to get them off the floor so my puppy didn't get into them. The drawer however is now full of baby books, toys, and a couple stuffed animals. I scored the set of 6 drawers at a yard sale. I have enough room that if I can talk the hubby into adding a few more shelves, that I can use at least four of these "drawers" to organize the closet. But the great thing about this drawer is that I have a place for all the books and toys for my nephew (almost 2 yrs old) and other kids that I won't forget where I put the stuff.
I realized as I worked on the closet that this time of organizing the closet is more about getting rid of stuff to have room to store baby stuff until I have a place for things in the nursery. Another post will be coming soon about the state of the nursery. Then once baby stuff comes home, I will have to organize it again. But that is ok with me because the second time will be easier.
So there is part one, hope you enjoyed.

Any suggestions on how to get better use of the wasted space if Mr. Magnificent won't add shelves for me??

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