Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Diaper Bag- Polka Dot

I finished a diaper bag today for one of my dear friends Cara. She just had her little Caleb yesterday. Please be praying for them as he is only 34 weeks. He is having some breathing problems due to this. 

And now, for the diaper bag...

This is the same pattern as my other diaper bags. I am glad that I could have it done so she can have it for the new baby and it is big enough for all three of her kids stuff as well. 

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  1. How I'm just now seeing this post, I have no idea! I clicked here and said: That's MY diaper bag!!! Melissa, I can't tell you how much I love this gift and you just did an incredible job on it! It's so awesome! You're right--it holds all three of my kids' stuff! So great! I remember Angie bringing it up to the hospital and I couldn't believe it was homemade. The nurse commented on it so I started advertising for you! But then I couldn't for the life of me remember the blog address. :( Anyway, rambling to say THANK YOU and I still love it so much! And thank you for asking for prayer for us, too. That was a tough time, but God was so gracious to us, as He always is! Can't wait to meet your little Jorja, too! You'll be an amazing mom, Melissa!


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