Monday, August 15, 2011

Making a Lifestyle Change

I haven't blogged about my latest "diet" yet. The thing is, it shouldn't be a diet, it should be a lifestyle change. Last year before I conceived, I did weight watchers and lost 10lbs. I tried to be healthy when I was pregnant but that didn't happen. However, I lost all of my "baby weight" within the first 2 months. It was the other 40+ pounds that I needed to do something about. If you have had a child, you know how that reshapes you! You see, I got married and went to college in the same semester so I gained all of that weight on top of pregnancy weight. Well, Mr. Magnificent gained right along with me. We were to the point where we knew we wouldn't do something unless we put some money behind it. We are cheap frugal and being on one income made it truly a sacrifice. I knew of several people that had gone to Metabolic Research Center (MRC), including my sister. She went though them when she was nursing so I knew I could diet in a way that wouldn't jeopardize my breastfeeding.

We started MRC the 24th of May. Since then, Eric has lost 38lbs and I have lost 25.5lbs. Eric has reached his goal! Let me show you a quick before and after...

I need to get a picture of me in clothes that fit but I will give you an idea an idea of what my 25.5 lbs is like in sizes. I started out in a tight 16 and now my size 12s are getting loose.

Here is the problem I am having now... Eric is to the point where he no longer has to follow our strict menu and so it is getting harder on me to stick with my menu. As a way for me to be more accountable I am going to start blogging about my progress each week.  I will tell you more about my diet as we go through this. Until then, do you have any questions?? What helps you stay on track?

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