Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mr. Magnificent's Nemo Cake

My little sister's son turned two this last weekend. He is obsessed with "Memo" or Nemo as the rest of the world refers to. My sister asked Mr. Magnificent to strut his stuff and make the cake since he has always talked about wanting to do a "fancy cake." Well, here are the picture to show how awesome he is!

Please excuse the first few pictures, my nephew was a photographer (with my camera) the night before and got my lens dirty. So, when hubby was left to take pictures, he didn't realize just how blurry they were.
We did two layers of strawberry and one layer of chocolate.
These are the same pans that we used for our wedding cake. *swoon* Coming up on six years :)
After he covered the cake with fondant.
Here is a picture of my sister trying her hand at airbrushing the cake with food grade paint.
The hubby refused to be in any pictures, but I managed to get his fingers.
 This is what I came home to find after he made some of the decorations. And yes, my table is BLUE! But, with a little help from my Clorox wipes, all is well. 

Now for the FINAL PRODUCT....
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I couldn't be more proud of him!


  1. Love, love how your cake turned out!I bet it was as delicious as its appearance!

  2. The perfect name for your husband is exactely Mr. Magnificent!!!!!!

    Really really wonderful!
    Many compliments from Italy


  3. Your cake is adorable! Great job!

  4. WOW is all I can say, what a fantastic cake!

  5. i am very impressed with the cake.

    i reviewed the pictures about 4-5 times...
    yes, i guess, i'm impressed!

  6. Just letting you know you have been selected today as one of the TOP 10 PICKS amongst our many DIY / Craft tutorials submitted.

    We've made a "I AM FEATURED' button for you to show off the nomination on your site, and as well, there's a new party just opened for this week, ~ all here:

    Come on over now..


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