Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baby Update: Week 24

It may be a couple days late but that is ok. Fare warning, I may grip, whine and complain a little in this post.

How far along: 24 Weeks 2 days
Movement: Big moment this week! I got to feel her kick on the outside!! I think that beats just about everything!! I mean, I know I feel her kick "in" me all the time, but to feel her kick on the outside to...WOW! This is my first child/pregnancy so I still have the WOW factor A LOT!
What I miss: Not having to go to the restroom of EVERY establishment we go to. Or hunting for a restroom as soon as we enter a store. I got a funny look from a manager at our local grocery store. Their office first of all, is right next to the public bathrooms- EW! So, when I went in there TWICE, yes 2 times, while I was shopping I got a seriously weird look. But when a girls has to go to the bathroom, we will deal with weird looks. lol
What I'm looking forward to: Still excited about Daddy finally getting to "feel" her kick. We tried the other day but she stopped moving. Probably because Mr. M had me laughing so hard.
Stretch Marks: I usually don't have much to post on this one, so I leave it out, but NOT THIS TIME :( Sadly, I have about 3 new stretch marks. Two of them have formed this weird circle-ish shape next to my belly button. When I realized that they were indeed going to be full blown stretch marks, I rushed for the Bio-Oil and applied A LOT! And have since. I mean yes, I know they are just a couple stretch marks and it may seem vain. I do have several from over the years (I am no toothpick). But :( I really didn't want anymore. Mr. M thinks it is humorous that i got so worked up about them when he thought they were inevitable. Ok, I'm done whining.
Best moment of the week: Getting to feel her kick! Oh, I had my doctor's appointment this week too. I was told I was "low maintenance" but that he hoped I wasn't saving up. Mee too! I also found out I can take Zantac for my heartburn! YIPPEE I have horrible heartburn-all the time! So, YAY!

This week, she is the size of an ear of corn!

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