Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby J's First Month

Baby J, you are one month old! It is amazing! I can't believe it has gone by so fast. Because I stink at writing consistently in your baby book and it doesn't include everything, I wanted to keep track somehow. 

This month:

You were born! Just a small 8 lb 2 oz. 

 You stole our hearts!
 You wore Mema's outfit home. 
 You had your first sponge bath with Mommy and Grandma Nancy and Cadence. Aunt Jess was the photographer.
 You were swallowed by your gown as Mommy took your one week old picture with your monkey.
 Mommy and Daddy have always taken pictures this way and of course, you would cry.
 You survived the first bath with Mommy. 
 And of course we have to play dress up.
 Don't tell, but you are a tummy sleeper!
 When you can manage to find your thumb, you go to town!
 This is one of your favorite faces!
You went for your first stroller ride with Mommy and Daddy. You were 13 days old.

You went out to eat with Mommy and Daddy and never made a sound even though it took FOREVER! 

Grandma Nancy gave you a real bath in her sink for the first time.  

Daddy and his little ones. 
 Mommy had to put you in this union suit because it reminds her of your Grandpa Lewis for some reason. 
Mommy finally got some good "newborn" pictures of you. 
 You made it very clear you don't like playing dress up/photo shoot!
 Grandpa and Daddy melt when you look at them like this.
 It snowed, snowed and snowed some more. You made several trips up grandma and grandpa's hill on the four wheeler. Since you like the car so much you didn't mind at all. 
 Your hair makes me smile. 
 Your feet are the sweetest thing ever!
 Daddy fed you your first bottle. 
 He is a very proud daddy!
 You had your first Valentine's Day. You were Mommy's Love bug. You spent the morning with your Aunt Liz and Aunt Jess while mommy went to the doctor. You went for a stroller ride with them and loved it. 
You have stolen our hearts and love you so much. 

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