Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ramblings of a new mom...

These last 3 1/2 weeks have been crazy. I have never been so emotional, tired, elated, frustrated, and love struck in my life. But, when you have this little one, it melts your heart and the cons fade to oblivion.
So, what does having a newborn mean? 
  • Going through a crazy birth (crazy to me partly because it wasn't what I expected, it ended with an 8 lb baby, it was so worth it)
Me after my epidural!

  • Struggling, crying, fighting, and enjoying breastfeeding
  • Not getting sleep but still going on 
  • Worrying if she is eating enough, growing enough, warm enough, awake enough, etc
  • Seeing Mr. M melt when he looks at his little girl

  •  Loving our new little family

(I have a ton of self-portraits of us and I love that Jorja is having a fit in her first one)
  • Loving the little noises she makes
  • Loving the little faces she makes

  • Seeing her learn things like sucking her thumb

  • Realizing she is already growing so much

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