Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Update: Week 39

Oh my WOW!! We made it to 39 weeks!!

How far along: 39 weeks

Size of baby:  around 7 pounds, 20 inches... mini watermelon

Weight gain: Last week I lost two pounds, this week I gained three so that means I only gained one pound right??

Maternity clothes: Oh how I loathe thee... well, except my yoga pants. If I had a few pairs of yoga pants, I could be a happy camper but it is a little hard to justify buying them at this point. 

Movement: She is keeping with doctor's orders and moving at least 5 times after I eat. There are times when I think she is practicing gymnastics in there but I am trying to appreciate and enjoy the moment. 

Sleep: I miss my side of the bed. No wonder Mr. M feels like he is sleeping on the edge when he slept on that side...because he is! His dip in the bed is right on the edge. If only we had room in our little house for a king size bed...
The last two nights I have been getting up every hour and a half to go pee. Frustrating but I know I need to be getting used to it at the same time. At least when I am getting up to feed/change Jorja it will be more beneficial. 
Symptoms:  Other than my feet swelling, not much of anything else. OH the heartburn is still KILLER!! My hands have also started to swell a little. My ring will still come off so it isn't much. I keep waiting for the contractions to start... Have I mentioned my back is killing me?

Cravings: I don't know that I have really craved anything this week exactly. My awesome family cooked me the best birthday dinner last Sunday. We had chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade hot rolls, corn on the cob, coconut cake, confetti cake, and brownies!! Yumm Yumm...There was my three pounds HaHa.

Best moment this week: Being able to enjoy my Birthday with family :) Listening to everyone make their predictions on Jorja's arrival and being so excited about this little girl. 
Seeing Eric's face when I thought I was having contractions for the first time on New Year's night. He said he wasn't ready for that yet. 
Getting to spend more than a few minutes with my Bestie when she was in town. She helped me organize all of Miss Jorja's clothes!!
My grandma came over yesterday and helped me clean my house. She did some serious DEEP cleaning. Like, window seals, blinds, baseboards, dusting, windows. I was sooo grateful!! 
What I am looking forward to: Really having her and holding her and seeing those sweet little eyes, toes and fingers. Seeing everyone else light up when they meet her! 

Dr. Appointments: So, the first time the doctor checked me, I was not dilated at all. The Tuesday after Christmas I was at maybe a 2 with no thinning. Then this week, I am at a 3 with 80% effacement. He said he was just going to let me take my own time and go from there. Here are a few crazy things. My sister-in-law was getting her epidural at a 2 when she had my niece...yep past that. My sister went into labor the day after being checked and being at a 3. Mr. M says I will have her on the 13th (our due date). This wouldn't surprise me but I am ready to do this. I hate waiting and not going and not feeling ANY contractions at all. It almost makes me scared that I won't know when to go. However, God and I have been having some long conversations about this one and I know I will be fine and I will "know" when, when the time comes.   

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