Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Camera & Prego Sweet Tooth

I was so pleased to pick up my new camera (Nikon s8100) from the post office yesterday! Here is the pathetic little story that goes with that.
You see, I have been tracking this puppy since it left the warehouse. Postal services work crazy hours! Most of the check in or check out times were like 3am! Anyways, when I saw it made it to my local post office, I called and asked them to not deliver it. I wanted to go pick it on my planning hour Tuesday, I went and got my new toy!!
Here is a nice little video highlighting all the little perks.

I just love it already!
Here is a picture of my lovely prego sweet tooth indulgence last night. Taken with my camera without making ANY edits!

There is vanilla ice cream with HOT fudge sauce under my mountain of whipped cream! MMM! Sad thing is that I didn't even finish it... as is the case lately, my eyes are bigger than my stomach. 

As I enter my 34th week of pregnancy, I am starting to understand the phrase "uncomfortable!" Whether its having to keep my feet up almost all the time or they swell, having a hard time getting in and out of bed, feeling my stomach stretch which makes it sore, having to go to the bathroom multiple times (fun when you are trying to Christmas shop), and all the other stuff...clothes too small....stretch marks....
I know it will all be worth it or at least that is what I keep getting told and keep trying to tell myself. 
Mr. M informed me last night that "this doesn't last forever." He then received the look and I asked if he had any other sympathetic words. He replies "I'm sorry."

We started on the promised Apple Butter Recipe last night. We will finish tonight. Hopefully I will be able to post tomorrow. 
Tonight we are also taking our family Christmas card picture. Magnificent puppy is at the groomers today. He is getting a big boy Schnauzer hair cut! I didn't really want the traditional schnauzer cut when he was a puppy, but now we are sick of the mop bucket head!
For those of you on Facebook, check out Snuggle Pups Dog Groomers. My dear puppy may be on there today! 

Happy Hump Day!!

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