Saturday, July 31, 2010

The To Do List...

I feel like I have a trillion things to get done in the 5 months, 2 weeks or 167 days until my little one arrives! So, because I am a total list person, I thought I would share mine with you. It will also allow me to have the joy of crossing off what I accomplish.
  • Sew crib sheet using this tutorial- Completed 8/10/10
  • Sew crib bumper pad using Amy Butler's Little Stitches or the pattern on the bag
  • Sew crib quilt using my own pattern- Completed 9/5/10
  • Sew crib bed skirt using this tutorial- well, with the help of... Completed 8/11/10
  • Sew changing pad cover using this tutorial
  • Make or buy curtains
  • Make some burp rags
  • Make a carseat tent
  • Make foam cubes
  • Possibly making some wall art inspired by this
  • Register at Walmart, Babies R Us online, and Blessed Baby- Completed
  • Clean out nursery closet- Completed 8/7/10
  • Move hubby's clothes to my closet
  • Rearrange my room to move treadmill out of nursery - Completed courtesy of my awesome sister. See this post!
  • Get changing table from my sister- Completed
  • Wash extra car seat base- Completed Thanks to Mr. M
  • Figure out how to get odd odor out of the wardrobe- Aired it out, seems to be ok now.
  • Get sister's hand me down clothes once we know gender Completed
  • Wash all baby clothes
  • Organize baby stuff after baby shower (shower Nov. 6)
  • Write a bazillion thank you notes
  • Take birthing class (register beforehand)
  • Take breast feeding class
  • Re-read Babywise
  • Read Birthwise
  • Read breast feeding book
  • Make "It's A...." record sheet really liking this idea- Completed
  • Have a place for kid books
  • Make room in kitchen for bottles, etc- Completed
  • Hang shelves, pictures, etc in nursery
  • Create nursing corner with basket of necessities
  • Pack and repack hospital bag
  • Have SIL make scripture wall hanging once we know gender- It's a GIRL
  • Have SIL make "Every good and perfect gift comes from above" vinyl into a wall plaque
  • Bake muffins, pancakes, and other frozen goods for baby arrival (thanks Laptop to Lullabies)
I am sure there are more things I should add. Experienced moms, please add to my list....
Man, I have a lot to do!

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