Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't cry over spilled...

Sno Cones! Yes, I may have gotten a sno cone from my favorite sno cone place today. I decided I would try one of their themed sno cones. They have Twilight, Harry Potter, and Shrek flavors. So, with my deep love of black cherry, I tried "Bella's Blood" which was black cherry and red raspberry! I think I am in love. Or at least the little one inside me is (hee hee). It was great but when you get down to the bottom of the cup with all the syrup, I'm done.

I had left it on the kitchen table. Our trash was too full to put it in there. (Insert constant fight over who's job that is.) We took the dog to get his shots and the Hubs wanted to see the paperwork to make sure they listed all of his shots. So he is handing me my purse and I just pulled the papers out which made the purse swing back and knocked it off the table. *GASP* In my blue and white kitchen. But I did great. Didn't get mad at all, just got the towel and mop!! It is all clean now but I was afraid my white table was going to stain. But the hubs wiped it all up :) The humor of all this was how worried I was about my niece and nephew getting red sno cones.

Little did I know!

Knock on wood, no nausea today but I have had heartburn. I will gladly trade one for the other.

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