Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A little Christmas crafting...

I finally broke down and created a Pinterest account! It has been a love/hate relationship. I love the ideas and the organization. I hate the tech problems and the inherent desire to create something else...

As a family, since this is little bugs first Christmas, we decided she would get one present from us along with stocking stuffers. We would open these together Christmas morning. I never really had any family traditions so I wanted to be sure Jorja grew up with some. We have already made some salt dough ornaments with her hand print and footprint!

Since we didn't have any stockings before, I decided I wanted to make some and I was inspired by this lovely photo on Pinterest (imagine that).

The sad part is that there wasn't a tutorial :(
After searching around, I found this tutorial from Cluck, Cluck, Sew. She did a great job explaining how to do a cuff on the stockings. I also used this site for a template since I didn't have any stockings that I could just trace.
Well, here is what I created!

I used "Life is Good" font. I printed our initials out (mirrored). Then traced them onto some wonder under and ironed that onto the fabric then cut out the letters and ironed them on. Such an easy way to monogram!!

We are looking for a small Christmas tree to put up this year since Jorja is crawling and pulling up everywhere.

On other great news!! We decided that we will be adding on to our house in the spring. We'll add on a master bed and bath and another bedroom. That will give us 3 bedroom/2 bath! YAY! Plus we are going to take out a wall to create a big living/dining room. I can't wait. I have been collecting tons of inspiration on Pinterest. This will all be documented, of course, and it tie into our before and after posts that you can find here.

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