Sunday, June 5, 2011

Long time, no see....

My little one is 10 days shy of being 5 months old and I just now feel like I can take a minute to re-enter blog land! I missed you guys!! I have been lurking around occasionally reading some of your blogs and some of my favorites, but it just isn't the same! I just finished a huge sewing feat and am so motivated to get back in the groove of things.
There are some fun things in store! Some things I plan to blog about soon are.... (drum roll please)
  • Making baby bedding- I made my second set of crib bedding and can't wait to show it off!
  • Couponing- Being a SAHM means I need to save us money and couponing helps. I will be sharing some of my secrets or at least the sites that taught me all I know!
  • Diet- We (Mr. M & I) are taking part in the Metabolic Research Center's programs. I am on a special one for Breastfeeding moms. So far (in 10 days) I am down 5.5 lb, Mr. M has lost 10!! I will be sharing some diet tips and some humor about not being able to indulge! 
  • Jorja- of can I not blog about my little one?!?! 
  • Money makers- I have become a big fan of and! So far, I have earned $10 to JCPenney and $5 to Amazon! Just for taking a few minutes from my day to do a couple surveys, answer some poll questions, and use a certain search engine. I'll share what I have learned. Want to know more? Click on the banner below for Swagbucks! 
Search & Win

Any other suggestions on what I should blog about?? After all, I am here for YOU!!

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